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At Lawyers Realty Group, we combine mortgage and real estate expertise with legal knowledge to provide our clients with a higher and more effective level of service and representation. We specialize in real estate matters that are beyond the qualifications of ordinary real estate agents and consultants. Through creative problem solving and focused legal strategies, we overcome obstacles to achieve success for our clients.
Our Irvine attorney realtor can provide you with free, professional assistance through our Homeowner Protection Program. Our fees are fully funded through lender settlements and governmental programs. Whether you are trying to remain in your home long-term or are looking to walk away without liability, there a number of options available. We will help level the playing field between you and aggressive banks and secure the best possible outcome.
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Do not be a victim of mortgage scams. We have uncovered dozens of modification frauds and scams offering homeowners false promises while taking their money or their homes in the process. 

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Are You Tired of Playing Guessing Games with the Bank & Resubmitting Documents Every Few Weeks?

The LOAN MOD TRAFFIC LIGHT is a FREE TOOL that demystifies the loan modification process and explains, in practical terms, whether you qualify for a modification, what numbers the banks are using and what you can say or do to facilitate approval.

Our Loan Mod Traffic Tool can help you:

  • Learn how the Net Present Value test (NPV) affects principal reductions and approval
  • Determine your Front-End Debt-to-Income ratio and the possible modified terms available to you
  • Discover other options that will help you avoid foreclosure and extend your time in the home
Stuck in Loan Mod Gridlock?

Get ahead of the complicated loan modification process and find out if you qualify for a modification today.

Exceptional Representation

Unprecedented Protection
  • FREE Real Estate Attorney Homeowner Advocate

    Call the attorney directly and get answers now.

  • FREE Foreclosure Postponement and Trustee Delay Services

    Stop any active foreclosure immediately.

  • FREE Lien Avoidance Motion to Remove Liens and Judgments

    Clear your title so you can refinance in the future.

  • FREE Short Sale Legal Counsel, including MLS Listing and Full-Service Brokerage

    Sell your home and put money in your pocket.

  • FREE Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Only if needed, discharge those debts and live debt-free again.

Why Use an Attorney/Realtor®?

All distressed real estate transactions are fraught with difficult legal issues. The short sale process, in particular, involves extensive adversarial negotiations and presents complex legal issues related to recourse liability, taxation and forgiveness of debt, foreclosure processing, and the terms and provisions of the settlement and releases of liability. Traditional real estate agents are forbidden by law from dispensing legal advice and therefore cannot offer you a complete understanding of the consequences of your decision. Make sure you are fully protected. Get the answers you need before making any decisions by contacting our Irvine Attorney/Realtor.

Our team at Lawyers Realty Group has over 50 years of professional experience. Get the answers that you need by calling (949) 264-0966 or contacting us online today.

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Keep or Sell Your Home With Our Help

Facing foreclosure can be upsetting and frightening, but we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you explore and implement effective alternatives. We will evaluate your short- and long-term goals and develop a plan that will help you sell or keep your home.

Our number one priority is to protect you when avoiding foreclosure and navigating complex real estate challenges. Our attorney realtor previously represented large lending institutions and understands both sides of these processes. We will help you assess the options available to you and provide the sophisticated guidance that you need to make informed decisions.

If you want to KEEP your home, we can help you with:

  • Foreclosure postponement – stop any active foreclosure immediately
  • Loan modification – if you meet eligibility requirements, secure more favorable loan terms
  • Loan forbearance – temporarily defer payments and negotiate a short-term repayment plan
  • Removing judgments – we can work to clear your title so that you can refinance in the future
  • Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy –get the time and flexibility that you need to catch up on payments

If you want to SELL your home, our team can assist you with:

  • Leveraging equity - if you have a large amount of equity in your home, you can use the proceeds of a sale to pay off outstanding loans
  • Short salessell your home for less than your outstanding mortgage balance and avoid future liability
  • Deed in lieu – in certain situations, you may be able to voluntarily transfer ownership of a property and “walk away”
  • Renovation services – we pay upfront costs for renovation services that allow you to sell your home at maximum value
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy-short sale combinations – we can leverage a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to help you wipe out certain debts and use a short sale to generate additional time and cash incentives