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Can I Sell My Home While I’m in Default or Foreclosure?

While there are serious complexities and risks involved with selling your home while in default or foreclosure, you have the absolute right to pursue a voluntary sale. However, to successfully navigate this notoriously complicated process, you will need the expertise of both a licensed Real Estate Attorney and a skilled Realtor. This type of comprehensive professional representation can become quite costly if you need to hire both an Attorney and a Realtor, but there are absolutely no out-of-pocket costs when you work with an Attorney/Realtor® from Lawyers Realty Group.

Risks with Selling your Home While in Default or Facing Foreclosure

Homeowners face many challenges when selling a home that is in default or foreclosure, including:

  • Imminent loss of home to foreclosure
  • Fraudulent foreclosure avoidance schemes
  • Low-ball offers from predatory investors
  • Feeling rushed and frightened into making a bad decision

An Attorney/Realtor® can overcome these challenges and help homeowners facing even the most difficult real estate situations, including foreclosure postponement, clearing title problems (such as liens and encumbrances or lost ownership), removing squatters from the home, terminating pending sales contracts, stopping or unwinding HOA foreclosure, and prosecuting foreclosure scams.

Our team at Lawyers Realty Group takes on complex mortgage problems that traditional Realtors and Attorneys are ill-equipped to handle. We know how to deal with mortgage servicers and aggressive lenders to achieve stellar results for our clients.

Attorney/Realtor® Representation without any extra costs

Lawyers Realty Group was established nearly 20 years ago to provide a higher level of professional representation for homeowners in difficult situations. By combining expert legal representation with comprehensive real estate transactional services, homeowners receive a higher level of service and protection than traditional Realtors can provide – and we charge no more than an ordinary real estate agent.

Real estate transactions can get very complicated, but even more so when you are facing default or foreclosure. At Lawyers Realty Group, we believe that every California homeowner deserves the professional representation of a skilled real estate attorney (completely free of charge) as well as the know-how of an experienced Realtor to coordinate the sale of their home. In California’s high-stakes housing market, no one should have to navigate these complicated transactions and risk liability without having an Attorney/Realtor by their side.

Whether You Have Equity Or Are Contemplating A Short Sale, You Need An Attorney/Realtor® To Fully Protect Your Financial Interests.

For those homeowners with significant equity in their home, while facing foreclosure, an Attorney/Realtor® has the legal expertise to postpone or cancel the foreclosure auction while simultaneously fast-tracking the listing and sale of the property for the highest and best price.

In a situation where you owe more on the home than it is worth, working with an Attorney/Realtor® can help you navigate the complex short sale process to avoid all mortgage liability while negotiating relocation money to help you achieve a fresh start.

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