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Irvine Realtor | California’s #1 Attorney/Realtor

Irvine’s #1 Attorney/Realtor

The Attorney/Realtor Advantage

Don’t settle for a traditional realtor to list and sell your home. FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST, you can benefit from the experience of a skilled Attorney/Realtor who will manage your listing and protect your financial and legal interests from start to finish.

The Attorney/Client Advantage offers a competitive edge in every category:

  • Comprehensive real estate brokerage services with the added benefit of receiving free legal guidance every step of the way
  • Industry expertise that allows our team to navigate through the high stakes California real estate market, where every real estate transaction requires vast knowledge of legal documentation and industry regulations
  • Access to a vast network of pre-screened potential buyers
  • The highest level of legal ethics and attorney/client protections
  • Representation by an expert negotiator
  • Peace of mind from knowing an attorney/broker will ensure there are no loose ends or financial pitfalls that will come back to haunt you.

At Lawyers Realty Group, we leverage our extensive knowledge of California real estate law with our skill and expertise as licensed Realtors to put our clients in a position of strength. We are uniquely qualified to answer all your questions and provide the most comprehensive representation for any California real estate transaction.

Call today at this number (949) 264-0966 for a comprehensive analysis of your particular situation.