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Get Money out of Your Underwater or Troubled Real Estate

Foreclosure? Judgements or tax liens? Zombie second mortgages? Probate, trust, estate? Reverse mortgage?

Don’t think you can get money out of your underwater or troubled real estate situation? Let us help you! As an attorney-owned and operated real estate brokerage, we specialize in securing proceeds from problematic real estate situations.

Whether you are in foreclosure, tied up in probate or complex trust and estate issues, have too many liens and judgements, or are dealing with a reverse mortgage, we can find a way to get money out of the real estate for you.

Complex real estate problems are what we focus on:

  • Selling during foreclosure, bankruptcy or probate
  • Settling junior liens, judgments and encumbrances
  • Refinancing out of default
  • Short sales with relocation funds even when seriously underwater and delinquent
  • And more!

Get in touch with us today for a free comprehensive analysis of your situation. We’ll use the full force of California law to protect your rights, get the house sold, and get money into your pocket.

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